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Invest Your ERP
Spend Wisely

  Take advantage of US citizen consulting resources for Oracle E-Business Suite at rates competitive to offshore resources



About WBL Solutions


WBL Solutions provides the next generation of Oracle E-Business Suite and Core Technology consultants with hands-on, US citizen only, personalized customer service.  Headquartered in East Tennessee our clients bypass issues from outsourced services such as language barriers, time differences, and other international challenges

Business Consultation

Save Time

& Support Cycles

Enjoy real time support from only US citizens resources based in America.  No more delays due to different  time zones, and no more miscommunications due to language barriers.


Save Money

Enjoy lower rates by  bypassing outsourced resources


Support US Communities

Direct your Oracle support and systems improvement expenses towards improving US communities and empowering  the next generation. Photo of Kingston, TN.  Source:

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